47 Goal – Valencia

Cheers everyone… Jones has sent the ball past Romero and into the back of the net. Valencia lead 2-0



Second half kicks off


There are 8 changes to today’s lineup




Pogba just missed a sitter… Right in front of the goal, he somehow sends the ball out. 

Fellini was calling for a penalty as he was being held and was eventually brought down inside the box

Fun Fact:

Out of the 11 players on the field today, only Phil Jones was born in England. The last 10 players are all from around the world 

30′ Yellow Card — United

Bailly is booked for taking out the Valencia keeper. 

This might be another match of the ref channeling his inner Oprah and giving everyone a yellow card. 

29′ Yellow Card — Valencia

Lato is now booked. 


Mata almost scores with one of his first touches of the ball but the ball is deflected at the moment and it goes out for a corner. 

16′ Goal — Valencia

Well it was to be expected. Valencia lead 1-0 thanks to a goal from, Soler.

Lato has not come off but is hobbling around