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47 Goal – Valencia

Cheers everyone… Jones has sent the ball past Romero and into the back of the net. Valencia lead 2-0




Pogba just missed a sitter… Right in front of the goal, he somehow sends the ball out. 

Fellini was calling for a penalty as he was being held and was eventually brought down inside the box

Fun Fact:

Out of the 11 players on the field today, only Phil Jones was born in England. The last 10 players are all from around the world 

30′ Yellow Card — United

Bailly is booked for taking out the Valencia keeper. 

This might be another match of the ref channeling his inner Oprah and giving everyone a yellow card. 

29′ Yellow Card — Valencia

Lato is now booked. 


Mata almost scores with one of his first touches of the ball but the ball is deflected at the moment and it goes out for a corner. 

16′ Goal — Valencia

Well it was to be expected. Valencia lead 1-0 thanks to a goal from, Soler.

Lato has not come off but is hobbling around 

11′ Yellow — United

Valencia is booked for a late challenge on a Lato

This does not seem good. The screams can be heard and the medics are on. Lato was screaming about his tibia. Not entirely sure if it was just a bad and painful hit or if the bone is actually broken. 


And we are off on the final game of the Group Stage of the Champions League.

United have already qualified for the next round, now it is only about whether they will finish first or second in the group.