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90′ GOALLL!!!

In the final minute, David Beckham brings Old Trafford to its feet by scoring United’s fifth!

85′ GOALL!

Saha gets United’s fourth goal from close distance!


May and Burge come on for United 

78′ GOALL!!!!!

Nicky Butt makes it three for United with a tidy finish


Pilkington comes on for Van der Vrouw


What an opportunity for Neville but he sends it wide and he goes down in shame. 

Stam comes off for Wes Brown. Wes Brown is the youngest man on this United squad at 39 years old


Jaap Stam is fighting as hard as he can to keep a clean sheet. I don’t believe he remembers this is meant to be a friendly the way he is casually taking out the old Bayern players

59′ Substitution — United

BLATANT handball from Bayern but no penalty.

Scholes makes way for Greening 

58′ Substitution — United

Irwin makes way for Silvestre.

There have also been countless substitutions for Bayern


Scholes goes for goal again but his shot is cleared off the line